PokeNation Developing Team Addition #5
Just wanted to officially announce that Nexus Lord was added into the development team as a Content Editor.

This new entry wasn't thought to happen soon, but I had to bring someone to work with ThirteenOranges, since Xendarii quit a long time ago and Architect has been inactive.

He started working on content in the same day he joined and he's doing well.

That's it for now! Happy New Year to Everybody!

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PokeNation Developing Team Addition #4
Hello again,

This is just to officially announce that Olman just joined our dev team as mapper. You can see some of his work at this thread: http://www.pokenation.org/forum/showthread.php?551-Olman-s-Maps-Showcase-! .

By the way, Professor Oak, is/will be in charge of the mapping team, so when I set a task for mappers, he will distribute the work between the mapping team as he wishes. Once start doing new maps for PokeNation, we might get another mapper.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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